[Cancelled] Call for Applications of 2020 Yuxiang Early Career Award

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Due to the evolving global pandemic and uncertainties, we regretfully announce that the 2020 Yuxiang Early Career Award will be put on hold until further notice. All the applications received to date will be saved for future consideration should the program resume. We are very sorry for the change of plan and will monitor the situations and adapt accordingly. Thank you for understanding and wish everyone to stay safe and healthy during this unprecedented time. 

Yuxiang Award Committee
On behalf of COAA and PieSat, LLC
August 2020


Call for Applications of 2020 Yuxiang Early Career Award

Climate change associated with increasing greenhouse gases has exerted profound impacts on environment, economy and human life. Scientists in the fields of oceanography, atmospheric science, hydrology and related areas utilize observations, numerical models and fundamental physics to advance our understanding of the climate systems and apply the knowledge to protect  the Earth, benefit the society and improve livelihood. Aiming to nurture interests in oceanic, atmospheric and related sciences and applications and attract young talents to join the force, the Chinese American Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (COAA) and PIESAT, LLC proudly launch the 5th Yuxiang Early Career Award in 2020. The award recognizes outstanding Chinese and Chinese-American early career scholars in oceanic and atmospheric sciences and related fields, and provides financial support and career opportunities to award winners. COAA Southern California Chapter (COAA-SCC) will lead the application review, award selection and presentation processes with close collaborations with PIESAT, COAA Headquarter and all COAA regional chapters.

  1. Background

COAA is a non-profit organization founded in 1993 to facilitate networking among oceanic and atmospheric professionals, promote interests and professional excellence, and provide technical exchange and career opportunities. The PIESAT, LLC (PIESAT) is a high-tech enterprise founded in 2008, focusing on remote sensing and meteorology/marine research and application. Its business services cover oceanic and atmospheric sciences, cartographic, land survey, resource/environmental monitoring, and disaster monitoring. PIESAT led the design and development of Fengyun satellites operational systems such as FY3 Satellite Monitoring Analysis Remote-sensing Toolkit (SMART) and FY4 Satellite Weather Application Platform (SWAP) 2.0, etc. It also undertakes many projects on data analysis, weather forecast, climate analysis and applications for provincial and municipal meteorological and ocean bureaus. Besides, PIESAT also founded weather/ocean service center, which provides meteorological information services for road, aviation, electricity, and insurance, etc. Facing the rapid evolution of satellite remote sensing and meteorology/marine application service market, PIESAT, under the leadership of Dr. Yuxiang Wang, has devoted to innovative technology development and superior software management. PIESAT is becoming a top provider of satellite remote sensing and meteorology/marine services in the world with its steady growth of core capabilities and strong competitiveness.

  1. Eligibility and Fields

Scholars 35-year-old or younger, or within five years of obtaining Ph.D. by the time of application with outstanding academic achievement and innovative research in the fields including but not limited to: Meteorology, Atmospheric Sciences, Space Sciences, Oceanic Sciences, Satellite Remote Sensing, and Hydrology. Each person can apply three times but can be awarded only once.

Applicants with exceptional achievements in the following areas are strongly encouraged.

1)         Satellite Remote Sensing: including but not limited to application of innovative methods (physically based or data-driven artificial intelligence) to develop satellite remote sensing products on atmosphere, land and ocean and transition from research to applications and operations; joint application of international mainstream space-borne and ground-based observational data. Strong focus on innovation and transition from research to operations.

2)         Disaster risk assessment: Research on the theory and practice of meteorological multi-hazard risk potential forecast and early warning models and disaster risk assessment models focusing on typhoons, droughts, fires, heavy precipitation (floods, debris flows landslides), ice and snow, etc.; integration of disaster assessment models with socioeconomic impacts, human activities, and infrastructure.

3. Application Materials

Please send the following materials as a single PDF document:

1)    Curriculum Vitae with bibliography

2)    Statement of research achievements (no more than two pages)

3)    Three most important publications and/or patents, technology certificates

4)    Two letters of recommendation (can be sent separately from referees)

  1. Award Amount

Depending on the number of applications and qualifications, up to five awards of $2000 each will be issued in 2020.

  1. Application and Selection Procedure

1) All application materials must be submitted to yuxiang.award@gmail.com by 23:59 PDT, September 30, 2020.

2)    A committee consisting of world-wide experts in the relevant fields will review the applications.

3)    Winners will be selected after the interviews. Selections will be announced in late November, 2020.

4)    An award presentation is tentatively scheduled at the COAA AMS 2021 Reception in New Orleans, Louisiana during the week of 10-14 January, 2021.

For more information, please contact the award committee chair, Dr. Hui Su (huisu@yahoo.com).

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2020-2021 COAA SCC Executive Committee

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